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Brief description

Chrome plated metal wall light fitting in two parts, made between 19030 and 1950. This is one in a set of three wall light fittings.

Object name

wall light fitting

Object number


Production date

1930-1950 (manufactured)


Twentieth century (1900-1999)





Physical description

One of a set of three chromium plated wall light fittings. The fitting is in two parts. The larger part has a rectangular column bracket to support the bulb. There is a square plate with screw holes attached to the back, to secure the fitting to the wall. At the top of the bracket is a small hollow tube, attached vertically, with three horizontal lines evenly spaced down it. The top of the light bulb slots into this part.

The second part of the fitting is another small hollow tube, attached vertically to the bottom of the bracket, with three horizontal lines evenly spaced down. This part unscrews from the main part to allow the light bulb to be inserted and then screws back in to hold the light bulb in place.


Length: 39.5cm

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