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Group portrait of a family in a domestic interior, oil on canvas, by an unknown artist, c.1815-1820, in reproduction frame produced in Britain, c.1990-2005.


Group portrait of an unidentified family in a domestic interior

Object name

oil painting

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On Display

Production person

Unknown (artist)

Production date

1815-1820 (painted)


Georgian (1714-1837)


oil paint



Physical description

Oil on canvas group portrait in a modern moulded and gilt picture frame.

Content description

This group portrait depicts an unknown family in a domestic interior. The family are shown sitting and standing around a pembroke table. The mother is seated on the right side of the table with a baby on her lap. The father is seated on the left side of the table holding a small painting in his left hand. In front of his father a boy is leaning on the table with his elbow whilst painting. A second son, standing on the far side of the table, is making a model ship. On the wall behind the family is a a framed picture which includes some figures in Indian dress. On the left is a red curtain with fringing. The floor is covered with a red patterned carpet and rug. The painting is framed in a modern plain moulded gilt wood frame.


Height: 63.5cm
Width: 76cm

Website keywords

Decoration and furnishings
floor treatments
Images of homes
Household management and family wellbeing
child rearing
Leisure and entertainment
miniatures, models and dolls houses


Label text for the digital interactive located in the Reading Room (September 2015- June 2017):

Artist unknown
Oil on canvas, about 1820

This painting is in the style of a conversation piece, an informal type of portraiture typically showing the sitters in a domestic setting engaged in genteel activity or conversation. This style often represented family groups accompanied by visual clues to their tastes and social status. The artist shows this family’s young sons engaging in creative tasks; one is writing while the other carves a small boat. This boat along with the picture on the back wall, which possibly shows an Indian scene, perhaps implies that this family has connections to travel and overseas trade.

Rights note

Painting is out of copyright.
The photograph is in copyright to the Museum of the Home
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