Documenting Homes

Brief description

Digital colour photograph of a small glass bottle in the shape of a pig which used to contain liqueur, displayed in the sitting room in David and Deirdre C’s home in Palmers Green, London. The photograph was taken by Em Fitzgerald using a digital camera on 11/08/2011. This is one item in the Documenting Homes collection (514/2011-1 to –74) from David and Deirdre C.

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Production person

Em Fitzgerald (photographer)

Production date

11/08/2011 (photographed)

Physical description

One TIFF image file.

Content object


Website keywords

images of living rooms

Associated persons

David C
Deirdre C

Information usage

There are no access restrictions to this item.

Confidentiality note

The donors have requested no public access to their full names and address in 2011 until 2041. Use 'David and Deirdre C' and 'Palmers Green' as identifiers until then.

Rights holder

Em Fitzgerald

Rights note

Em Fitzgerald retains full rights to the copyright of this image and any royalties for the use of it outside the museum.
The Geffrye Museum has the right to use this image for museum purposes only. This includes use in not-for-profit museum publications (for example, museum guides or museum themed booklets). For larger publications the copyright situation will have to be renegotiated.
Any use by the Museum must include a credit line acknowledging Em Fitzgerald.
Any enquiries regarding external use of the image should be directed to the Head of Collections who will mediate usage requests and notify Ms Fitzgerald.
Please refer to the History File for the signed clearance form.
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